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I have to say I have been richly blessed with most excellent colleagues in the clinic. The fact is, clever and kind co workers make all the difference in a smaller clinic that strives to serve some of the most affected patients in the world! The tinnitus and hyperacusis population is well known for having several major comorbid conditions, depression, anxiety, and panic disorder. Insomnia also tends to be a major problem for many of our wonderful patients. We have created such a great team over the past few years, with Cassie coming first, scheduling the eager callers for appointments and answering many basic questions, then Jenny, who arrived about 3 years ago and has handled so many office tasks, setting up the billing system, gathering in the insurance contracts, answering many complicated questions, acting as our IT person every day, and now overseeing all of the Motor Vehicle and Worker’s Compensation cases. Finally, dear Tedi arrived last summer like a summer breeze, coming in with dedication and attention to detail in our billing office, unraveling scrambles, solving mysteries with widely different insurance policies and procedures, with a quiet and smiling presence, chasing down payments like detectives solve crimes!

Cassie, Jenny, Tedi and I enjoy summer picnics, company holiday dinners, cocktail hours, and lots of laughs together. The four of us have formed a wonderful bond of friendship and affection, and it makes working in this clinic such a pleasure. I am so lucky to have such amazing colleagues who keep all of us on track and heading in a healthy direction in our audiology practice.