Pink Sound Protocol

PINKSOUND PROTOCOL, Dr. Marsha Johnson, Audiologist

The Pink Sound Protocol is a 16 week program for those who suffer from tinnitus or decreased sound sensitivity (hyperacusis). ​​ It was created in the early 2000s to be used by those with mild to moderate symptoms who were seeking an entry level of habituation therapy, using sound as a physical stimulus for improving tinnitus intrusion or hearing sensitivity.

The Guide is an eDocument, which​​ you download upon purchase, and contains a 4 month program with weekly assignments, education, advice, and encouragement. ​​ The Pink Sound Protocol has been used 100s of times by individuals all over the world, with positive results in most cases. ​​ Each month is divided into 4 weekly segments, with specific goals as well as cognitive concepts to study and consider. ​​ It like having Dr. Johnson sitting with you and talking!

The Guide is written in English and is easy to follow and understand. ​​ It is best to print it out as there are home-work assignments within the document, and checklists. ​​ It is best to read and re-read each section several times to cement the concepts and goals of the program into your subconscious mind as well as your daily awareness.

Dr. Johnson, Audiologist, has specialized in these two auditory conditions since 1997 in her clinic located in Portland, Oregon. ​​ She included many practical and easy to apply tips and advice for the average person who is suffering with tinnitus and/or hyperacusis. ​​ She has been a guest on the Today Show, Good Morning America, the Doctors, and served on the Board of Directors of the American Tinnitus Association for 7 years, and the Tinnitus Practitioners’ Association for many years, and currently is President and founder of the Misophonia Association. ​​ 

The fee for the Pink Sound Protocol is $95. ​​ If you wish to purchase the Pink Sound download, please see the purchase page. ​​ You will be forwarded to the download page upon purchase. ​​​​ We appreciate your feedback.


“The guide is easy to read and use, I followed all of her advice and found that my hyperacusis did improve over the 4 months. ​​ I have continued to use this program and am making even more progress.”

“Great program! I live far away from other specialists and wanted to try something, this has been wonderful, thank you.”

“Very affordable compared to standard treatment options, thanks!”

“My son is a teen and has sound sensitivity, this program really helped him. We are grateful”