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Technology has its distinct advantages and when the hearing aid industry catches up with the electronic world, it can be the best of both for our patients! The newer hearing aids are coming out with a gorgeous Bluetooth option that allows our specialized population of tinnitus or Misophonia patients to seek out the very best mix of noise, nature, or musical choices to assist in tinnitus habituation.
Easy to use, quick to pair with iPhones, these lovely little units quickly become a valued component of a tinnitus or Misophonia protocol! Widex offers its amazing BEYOND unit which does not need any interface equipment, just directly connects to the iPhone, and Signia is close behind with its delicious PURE units which use a round shiny black EZ Tek neck loop to grab the Bluetooth from Android or iPhone. They also have a new stand along unit coming out that will BT to the iPhone!

The fact is, rather than limiting the patient to a pre set limited choice of options, bluetoothing hearing aids allow the user to pick what they prefer, what is available as downloaded music or noise, or any app with sounds, or even books on tape or audio selections. This has been very pleasant for the person with Misophonia, as they can gently flood the auditory system with their own choices, or aggressively stimulate the same cells with louder more commanding sounds as they like. The applications appear to be calming in many cases, with spa type meditative tunes or nature sounds provoking a calmer mood, a quieter head, a less reactive mannerism for children and adults.

Do consider trying the BT hearing aids for your auditory needs! We recommend Widex and Signia as leaders in the field for these applications.