Neuromonics Oasis

We are proud to provide this wonderful effective therapy for tinnitus (and hyperacusis) from the Australian Company, Neuromonics.  Dr. Paul Davis developed this equipment and its​​ significant program for reducing and managing tinnitus.  Our clinic began to provide this device in 2003 and we have many hundreds of satisfied and improved patients.  This device was included in the US Veterans Administration auditory rehabilitation prosthetic devices many years ago.  It has been thoroughly evaluated at multiple clinics around the globe and Dr. Johnson presented a research project at the International Tinnitus Convention in Gothenberg Sweden in 2008.


Please contact us to schedule an appointment to evaluate if you are a good candidate for this program.  Even patients with hearing loss can benefit from this wonderful therapy.  There is no trial period for this device in our clinic, as the initial conditioning use requires 3 months, followed​​ by 9 months of therapeutic active use.


Please follow this link to learn more about the Neuromoics Program.



Dr. Marsha Johnson, AuD