Hearing Loss


Hearing loss affects millions of people, mostly older people, but can also affect children and teens.  Hearing loss is most commonly related to noise exposure.  Music, hobbies, and hunting or other loud sports or activities quickly damage delicate cells in the inner ear and lead to hearing loss.  Other  causes of hearing loss can be illness, medications, or genetic factors.

The vast majority of people with hearing impairment can be helped by hearing aids.  Hearing aids are very tiny electronic devices that can be individually programmed, often operate via iPhone or smartphone, can Bluetooth with other devices, and have many applications for various settings.  Hearing aids should last at least five years or even more with regular maintenance and checkups.

Today’s hearing aids are sleek, easy to use, and sound terrific.  Most of our patients love their new ’ears’ and are providing us with very positive feedback every day in the clinic.

The application for hearing aids in the case of tinnitus has also proven valuable, we have reports of 45% of these individuals reporting that the tinnitus diminishes with the hearing aid use.  This is an immediate benefit, then, for about half of those with hearing loss and tinnitus.

We also have hearing aids made specifically for those with tinnitus and sound sensitivity, and we adjust and re program the units over time to find the best choices for sound therapy options, Bluetooth music or sounds, and retraining programs.

For misophonia, we offer blue tooth hearing units that allow the user to dial into whatever they prefer and flood the auditory system with appropriate sounds, noises, music and more, to drown out the noxious trigger noises, and allow hearing to function as well.  So far, the feedback from patients on these units is FANTASTIC!  

We carry a full range of prices, options, and choices, but we will never compromise on performance and high quality.  Our units are manufactured in Germany and Denmark and we are thrilled with the very high level of sound quality, options, and support by these fine craftsmen.   Insurance can often cover part or all of hearing aid costs, do check with your insurer prior to a visit.

Hearing loss can be overcome in most people or referral made to an appropriate medical physician or inquiry into other methods.  Please come see us today for a trial (30 days) of these amazing little units.