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Our professional staff and clinic serves the needs of people who suffer from chronic tinnitus ( a sensation of sound that is heard inside the head, i.e. a high pitched ringing that is purely subjective ) and hyperacusis (unusual intolerance to every day sounds). We offer a complex evaluation for a variety of auditory system defects and disorders, and are adding new techniques, particularly testing for hyperacusis.

Marsha JohnsonThe clinical director, Dr. Marsha Johnson, Doctor of Audiology, practices state-of-the-art treatment for these troublesome conditions. Clinic Treatments include Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT) developed by Dr. Pawel Jastreboff, Director of the University of Maryland Tinnitus & Hyperacusis Clinic.

She has been a member of Dr. Jastreboff's Tinnitus Retraining Therapy Association (TRTA) since 1997 and is an outstanding Professional level member in the American Tinnitus Association's "Professional Membership Program".

The newest Treatment for Tinnitus is Neuromonics, and we are proud to offer this innovative, music-based therapy at our clinic beginning in October 2006. Please visit the Neuromonics Website at www.neuromonics.com for more information about this unique approach for tinnitus treatment.

We currently admit patients to the clinic from all over the globe! Our successful clinic program offers the latest and newest treatment for tinnitus and hyperacusis and is one of only a small handful of full time tinnitus & hyperacusis clinics in the world.

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Long-Term Results from Tinnitus Retraining Therapy article from the American Academy of Audiology. Read more...

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SoothEars™ is a new creation of Dr. Marsha Johnson and is designed to help provide comfort and relief for those who suffer from tinnitus or hyperacusis or both. Actual recordings of pleasant natural sounds have been enhanced through sophisticated digital manipulation to create specific "sound families" that are particularly effective.
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We offer the state of the art auditory therapy for misophonia at our clinic and now can bring you Zen To Go sound devices, from Widex, a brand new unit for those who do not have hearing loss (or very slight loss) Zen2Goand who suffer from the distress of misophonia. Zen To Go units offer up to five programs of custom sounds along with broadband noise and a remote control to change programs and volume to fit your personal auditory needs.

These new units are proving to be a terrific improvement for misophonics and their families, come packaged in the tiny Passion units (jelly bean sized units) that fit snugly and secretly behind your ear with a very thin tube running around into the ear canal where the sounds will sooth and mask so many of the trigger sounds.

These can be worn by adults or children. Come with loss and damage and repair warranties, reliably produced by the famous Widex company in Denmark. Special price at our clinic with 30 day trial, $2800 for two units and remote control.

Call today for an appointment! 503-234-1221
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My Experience With Widex Hearing Aids and Tinnitus

As an audiologist who has specialized in tinnitus and hyperacusis since 1997, I have a unique perspective on how to help my patient population. One of the most amazing devices to emerge in the past few years is the line of hearing aids from the Danish company, Widex, and their program, Zen, that is specifically intended for use by those who suffer from tinnitus.

How can we know what is a truly effective approach for any tinnitus patient? Sure, we can look at studies and history and statements from the creators of various technologies and protocols, but in the end, the most important resource for discovering how a particular object or strategy works, is the patient.

ZenWhat do people say about the Widex line of products? I began with the Mind, which had three levels of sophistication, the 220, the 330, and then the 440, and fit about 50 units on patients with mild to moderate hearing loss along with the Zen option (random tinkling chime sounds that vary in five different tunes). Every single person kept their hearing aids after the 30 day trial and every single patient stated, quite firmly, that they found the Zen program and the hearing aid amplification, to be very helpful.

Every single one. The next year, I fit more of the Widex instruments on those with tinnitus and moved to the Clear unit which provided an amazing improvement in speech clarity, again at the 220, 330, and 440 levels of options, and the Zen, and the same situation happened with those 54 units. Every single patient kept their hearing aids and reported that the Zen program was very satisfying in improving their experiences with tinnitus.

Finally, this past year in 2011, the Fusion unit came out of the geniuses over at Widex, and these units work as a team, wirelessly, and have a marvelous sound quality and many choices, and along with the Zen program, patients are thrilled with the results.

I believe that reports like this one are necessary and responsible, coming directly from audiologists in active practice, who are finding on-the-frontlines results from live subjects who are reporting significant and persistent improvements when using a particular technology. In my practice I have contact with inquirers from all over the globe and I am recommending they find a good audiologist and try a pair of Widex Fusion micro BTE units, with Zen programming, to obtain an excellent level of hearing as well as a significant and immediate improvement in their tinnitus.

In June 2012, I plan to offer a Spend the Day with Widex at my clinic, where I will fit various Fusion units with Zen on patients for a day, and let them drive the units around town at no cost. If you would like to participate in this great trial, please call my clinic and set up an appointment. It would be great to see if Widex with Zen can help you!
Dr. Marsha Johnson, 503-234-1221


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